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A Moment of Zen at Work

May 16, 2018

There are many stress triggers in even the most zen workspace. From co-workers interrupting your workflow to a detail-oriented boss looking over your shoulders. Over time, these stressors compound, and our emotional and physical health become compromised. And you can’t afford to get stressed at work! It’s time to refocus with these six tips.

6 Zen Office Space Ideas

Here are some quick ways to deal with stress at work when you can’t get away from the source of your stress. It’s time for you to create a zen office space.

  1. Affirmations. The moment you are stressed by a person or event, repeat a positive affirmation immediately. This rewires the release of stress hormones and stops the stress response. Research tells us that individuals who memorize affirmations have lower cortisol levels than those who do not repeat affirmations in stress times. Create your own positive short thought, “I am strong or everything happens for a reason.”
  2. Gratitude at work. It is impossible to experience gratitude and stress simultaneously. The moment you are stressed say to yourself, “I am grateful for my health, I am grateful for my friends (family), I am grateful for who I am.” It doesn’t matter what you are grateful for we know that not only does saying this stop the stress response, long-term studies show grateful people have very happy lives.
  3. Guided imagery. Memorize a calming peaceful place in your past where you have experienced total peace and calm; a mountain, the beach, a farm, in your garden. Take a deep breath and be at that place in your mind. You stop the stress response. Your blood pressure will drop, your heart rate decrease and you will be in your calm, controlled world wherever you are.
  4. Jewelry. Wear a bracelet or beaded bracelet on your wrist. When you are stressed by a person or event touch your beads with your fingers and take a deep breath or say a positive word or a positive affirmation as you touch each bead. This helps stop the stress response and return you to your self. Cultures have done this practice since the beginning of civilization.
  5. Refocus. As your stress is triggered look at a plant, picture or statue in the room and refocus. This stops the stress response as you refocus and take deep breathes to the count of four as you are gazing into something pleasant.
  6. Chew a piece of gum. Research shows chewing gum reduces our stress. As you are stressed put a piece of gum into your mouth and smile.
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