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May 18, 2017

Want to boost company morale and engage your workers? This May, take part in Global Employee Health and Fitness Month. This is an international initiative to promote health and fitness and in and outside the workplace. As a Mindful Boss, you can make a difference in the employees’ lives and the longevity of the company.

Why Should You Invest in Office Wellness?

It’s simple: healthy workers are happy and productive workers. By investing in your employees you are investing in your company. One example of this is a study from the World Health Organization. The researchers found that Workplace Health Promotions (WHPs) that focused on physical activity benefited the employees in a variety of ways. Employees saw several benefits including an increase in physical activity, reduction in relative body fat percentage, and an improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness. The final analysis also found that WHPs benefited the company as well. In fact, medical and absentee costs decreased by 25 to 30 percent.

Are you ready to bring wellness to your workplace? There are many different health and fitness initiatives that you can start. Listed below are just a few ideas.

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  • Reduce stress. Even small changes in the workplace are steps in the right direction. From depression to high blood pressure, office stress has dire health consequences on employees. You can help reduce this stress by implementing programs that can help lift company spirits, such as Take Your Pet to Work Days.

A man is working at a standup desk in an office where he works because standing is healthier than sitting all day. Live healthy, don’t sit all day.

  • Rethink your office equipment. If you want to implement more fitness-based initiatives into the office, consider taking a second look at your office equipment. Offer a standing desk station that employees can take turns using. The standing desk can help with their circulation. Or you can try adding a treadmill desk station. It’s said that just five hours of treadmill desk walking per week can protect against diabetes and heart disease.

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  • Invest in healthy programs. Treadmill desks and pet days at the office aren’t your only options. Consider sponsoring employee fun runs for charitable causes, inviting health/wellness speakers to the office, or subsidizing the cost of offsite gym memberships.

Want more ideas for how to invest in workplace wellness? Check out this list of suggestions from the National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity.

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