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Holiday Guest Tips

Holiday Guest Tips


By: Kathleen Hall

The holidays are filled with great expectations of celebration along with fears of potential stress. The key is a great plan.  Here are the “Rules for Survival” to organize your guests and create a smooth and enjoyable holiday for all.

Before the Guests Arrive:

Send out a family newsletter telling family members the items you need them to bring.  There are less surprises if you make clear your expectations to guests.

  1. Put “Holiday Guest Rules” on a sheet of bright paper: yellow, orange etc.  Post each set of rules in the various rooms to organize behavior.
  2. Family Area:  Place rules on a visible wall.
  3. Quiet Room:  This room is located in the home for reading, crossword puzzles etc.  The guests that want to participate in quiet activities in this room.
  4. Activity Room:  Tell the group where the television areas are located. Have someone bring a small television with a built in DVD and Video, portable DVD player, and headphones for the courtesy of others.  Place the rules for the guests playing video games; such as using head phones.
  5. Kitchen:  Place notes on special foods that belong to guests.  Some foods may be off limits for dietary reasons.  These notes can stop arguments and misunderstandings with so many people in the refrigerator.
  6. Events:  Place a schedule of events that others may participate in during the holiday and have a sign up sheet under each one of the venues so stragglers won’t be left behind.  List all the events available that weekend such as; a trip to the grocery store, the zoo, playing golf, going to a movie, the mall, etc.  Being left behind can create bad feelings in a family.
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  1. Bo says:

    I find that when my mom comes to visit, my house rules go out the window as her rules come in.

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