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Technology Detox through Mindful Living

March 11, 2016


Is the rise of Internet and technology use leading to stress? We think so. It also leads to addiction and depression.

  1. Accessibility: Immediate access to games, stock trading, sex, porn, auction houses, gambling, social networks, and shopping
  2. Control: You are the gatekeeper. You “THINK” you control your online activity.
  3. Excitement: Emotional “rush,” or “high”

What are emotional symptoms of technology stress?

  1. Tolerance: Technology increases to the point of habituation. You are unaware of the amount of time you are spending with your technology.
  2. Withdrawal: When you reduce your access to technology you get signs of withdrawal. Increased irritability and anxiety.

What are physical symptoms of technology stress? 

  1. General disregard for health and appearance.
  2. Sleep deprivation
  3. Less physical activity, exercise
  4. Dry eyes
  5. Cyber shakes

Here are A.C.E. tips to combat the affects of technology stress:


  1. Collect information: For one week get a picture of your life, and that of your family. Have everyone do this. Keep a calendar to document your specific tasks you have done while on the internet: list news, work, chat room, games, research etc
  2. Technology talk: Just like the old “bird and bee talks” and the old, “don’t talk to strangers talks,” you must have a technology family talk. Regular weekly family meetings are a must. Your children need support and you need to listen.
  3. Technology time sheet: In the kitchen: each family member signs in under: smart phone, iPad, computer time. This way parents monitor the time and your children will get a realistic valuation of the amount of time spent on technology for each person. Everyone will be surprised. Technology becomes so hypnotic that we loose our perspective on time. Most of us grossly underestimate the time we spend on technology.


Say, “I have a choice.” Choice not chance determines my destiny!”
Create an affirmation: “I have a choice and I am in control.”

  1. Technology schedule: Create a technology schedule to begin your technology detox: schedule times each day to get emails, Google (research), play games, do work, check social networks.
  2. Leisure: Leisure is essential for your mental; and physical health and well being. Scheduling time for rest and play restores our stressed out and exhausted minds and bodies.
  3. Choose communications, community, and love: The modern family lives in isolation. Each person comes home from their busy day and continue their frantic life creating isolation from each other and little communication. There is a loss of intimate communication time in our families. Instead of a family being in a cocoon, each person in the family lives in their own cocoon.
  4. Fractures relationships: Fractures relationships with your SELF, family, friends, coworkers and community.
  5. Quit multitasking: Your technology can be on all the time, BUT YOU CAN’T! We have studies that show multitasking is destructive to the brain productivity and zaps energy and can create depression and anxiety and insomnia. See Time Magazine. Live MINDFULLY.
  6. Mindful Living ®: WAKE UP! AWARENESS! Focus on one task, one thought, one action, one word at a time. Don’t flood your life with thoughts and a to do list.


You will wake up! Wake up to your magnificent life.
Feel, experience the energy- the new vital energy.

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